All of our drums are handmade by Master carvers in our shops in Guinea and Ghana, West Africa.

Our carvers use age old techniques passed down to them through generations.
We use only the finest quality materials and all our drums meet our strict quality control.
To ensure our high standards are met, all our shells are hand carved, our rings individually fitted, and the skins are handpicked, wet shaved, female goatskins.

To maintain high quality and avoid moisture/mildew damage that is common with drums sent by sea, we always fly our drums from Africa to Canada.
Our drums arrive fresh and arrive in perfect condition every time!

Whether you are a professional Djembefola or just beginning your journey into West African drumming, your Goatworks drum will sound (and look) great for years.
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Here’s what our clients have to say.

I’ve lugged my goatworks djembe all over the world, my drums take a beating and this drum still looks and sounds like the first day I bought it.  These are “pro” drums with great sound and quality.  You have to be careful when you buy a djembe that it’s not made to be a decoration.  Buying from goatworks will ensure that you get a great drum.

Keith Mullins

I am more than thrilled with the quality and workmanship of the Pro Series djembe I purchased from the Goatworks African Drums. I subsequently purchased a set of dununs which I was equally pleased with.  My drums are played regularly and have weathered the Canadian climate changes without problem.  They are both beautiful and have an impeccable sound quality that is consistently complimented by professional drummers.  For a drum that stands out in the crowd I would highly recommend the Goatworks African Drums.

I have also used the Goatworks’ re-heading services and was very satisfied with the results.  The service was personal, prompt and reliable and my cherished drum sounded and looked as good as new.

Thank you Goatworks!

Kim Milan, customer since 2007

Hi Chris,  I got the drum this morning.  It is beautiful and sounds great.  The bag is also gorgeous!!

Mary MacEachern