Drumming is one of the oldest forms of team-building, and The Goatworks provides successful companies and organizations with a unique and innovative corporate team building and training solutions, all designed to break down barriers of community and culture, build morale, enhance productivity, and increase profits by aligning every one to a common purpose and embracing diversity.

The Goatworks uses an unique, hands-on approach (literally) to team building, learning, and motivation that, simply put, draws the parallels between what it takes to make music and how that relates to working together in an organization, community, village, or “tribe” to achieve a unified goal! It is an interactive event - each individual is not a spectator, but a performer who is involved at the same level as his/her colleague, enforcing a cooperative, noncompetitive relationship amongst the group.

The Goatworks Team Building activities transform and unite groups of people through rhythm! With a drum for each participant, the group is led on an exhilarating rhythmic adventure resulting in proven benefits of Corporate Drumming including: Improved Employee Morale Enhanced Communication, Effective Stress Relief , Positive Team Building, Enjoyable Ice Breakers Increase Productivity, Reduction in Employee Absences, enhanced Self-esteem.

Corporate Picnics & Family Fun Days

The most common language we all share and understand more than any others is the language of rhythm! The Goatworks celebrates the drum, its universality as an art form, and its’ presence in all cultures.Through the use of this energetic fun and interactive performance The Goatworks will motivate, inspire and ignite the creative spark and innate sense of rhythm found in everyone. Within minutes we can transform any group into a celebration! What a fantastic way to entertain and involve both children and adults in a day of fun!

Conferences and Meetings

At the Goatworks we believe that people are truly affected by personal involvement, having fun and being part of an experience. Drumming gives a shared feeling of purpose and sense of what is achievable by working together. The Goatworks conference events promote, strengthen and provide a practical demonstration of all these, and more.

Nothing lifts the energy of a corporate event like being part of a powerful company drum orchestra. Delegates walk in, find an instrument on every seat and within seconds are under the influence of our high energy interactive performance.

Our events provide the perfect opportunity to share a company vision, create opportunities, show an appreciation of employees and fuel inspiration for the future.

Turn your company or department into a community. Learn more by requesting a proposal today.

Chris Kennedy

The Goatworks Drumming