The Goatworks offers 2 entertaining and educational drumming presentations to schools all across Canada.

PRESENTATION 1: Spirit of West Africa

A 100% hands-on experience for all students at your school!

We arrive at your school with 15 (or more if needed) authentic, handmade African drums in tow. Set us up in classroom and classes visit 1 at a time all day long.
Each class consists of learning the history, construction and proper sounds of the drums.
Then we move on to learning 1 or more traditional African Rhythms, and their cultural relevance.
Nothing is made up, and we teach the rhythms the same way we were taught them by our teachers from Africa.
If time permits students also do some improvisation of solos.

This hands-on presentation is high energy, interactive and designed for students of all ages and abilities.
We have received tremendous response from both students and teachers alike, and it is designed for everybody…from special needs students to high school band members.
Everybody gets to play and everybody is successful at making sound on the drums!

If we’ve been fortunate enough to have visited your school in the past, we can easily build on the rhythms and techniques we taught previously. We can tailor your drumming experience to each class as you see fit, while still maintaining a fun, relaxed learning environment.
This presentation is also a great idea for PD days and/or after school team building with teachers & admin staff

PRESENTATION 2: Rhythm Assembly

An assembly style presentation using laptop and projector as well as hand made, traditional drums.

We arrive at your school with an assortment of drums from Africa and Cuba.
Set us up in the gym and with the aid of a slideshow, we demonstrate and talk about our drums from Africa, their cultural relevance, construction, and sounds (we also have a student or 2 come join us on stage to help us demo some drums).

We then move on to talking about and demonstrating our drums from Cuba. We talk about the slave trade and how the rhythms and instruments changed from African to Cuban (& modern), over time and how, certain rhythms we now hear on the radio are actually age old African rhythms brought to Cuba and now have become part of our Western musical fabric.

This presentation is designed for 200 students at a time. Show length is 1 hr.
Designed for grades Primary to 9

We have done well over 1400 presentations all across Canada, and both shows have received tremendous response for their high educational value as well as being highly entertaining and interactive.

We look forward to visiting your school!

For bookings, pricing and more information please contact us.


“Chris had the students eager to participate and experience the joy that comes from learning musical facts new skills.  The use of the powerpoint slideshow enabled the students to see a visual connection to the instrument that was being discussed.   As a presenter to an audience of children, Chris was engaging, energetic, and enthusiastic.  He was quickly able to bring the group back on task and kept them entertained with a perfect mix of humour, musical history, and interactive opportunities.  Our students who were chosen to demonstrate their drumming techniques were thrilled to follow the rhythms and perform for their friends. We were very pleased to have had Chris present his African Drumming presentation to our school.” – Janet Miller – Principal – Quispamsis Elementary School

Thanks Chris for the professional and educational presentation you made to the students at East St. Margaret’s Elementary this morning.  You were very well spoken, committed, humorous, timely, and very well prepared for the event.  The students loved the information your presented.  Their engagement and active participation was delightful to watch. Our students loved the format you used.  With a blend of electronic visuals, knowledgeable “conversation” and group participation – you captured them all.  This event was a History, Music and Science lesson – all within the same 75 minutes.  Your and your presentation, were well received by the staff and parents who were present at the school.  All who viewed this event, could feel your commitment and enthusiasm for the art of drumming.  We all gained an appreciation for the roots of the art of drumming along with a real sense of who you are as an artist.  A sincere thanks!

John Dobrowolski
Principal, East St. Margaret’s Elementary

I can not tell you how much my students enjoyed the drumming workshop with Chris Kennedy of The Goat Works! The session was very informative and the students really appreciated the knowledge and skill Chris brought to it. The hands on experience with the drums was particularly impressive. Everyone had a chance to learn the beats and techniques to participate in an amazing performance. There is nothing like the sound of a room full of drums and being able to feel it in you own body. The reflections my students wrote on their experience were heartfelt. I was glad I took the time to bring Chris in to help bring African culture alive for my students. A very worthwhile experience!

Colette Lambert, African Canadian Studies 11; Lockview High